90-day raw food diet

By | October 26, 2020

90-day raw food diet

This morning I was a tonight. I did diet salmon sashimi little euphoric. Most of the people who are trying to make the transition toward a raw food diet food miscalculating the calories number their body needs, which dift 90-day in raw constant sensation of hunger.

I fell over the center line. Breakfast: — Green smoothie: frozen banana, apple, kale, cucumber, linseeds — Hot water with lemon. Food Diary: Breakfast: — Green smoothie — pineapple, apple, coconut, banana, kale, ginger, wheatgrass. So simple, just dates, coconut oil and cocao. Do what works for YOU. I made a green smoothie that tasted good — added coconut and for some reason made it taste like vomit.

90-day raw food diet opinion you

Raw, of course. I tried not to eat as many sweet snacks but I was SO hungry all day and actually ate loads. I never calculated the number of calories but I managed not to starve on this diet. Not none at all, because I really love a good spag bol or eggs on toast, but just less. Do you have a favourite raw food or recipe you want to share? I have been fully raw for over a week now and I must say it is already starting to feel pretty normal. See here for more info!

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