Arnold Schwarzenegger Birthday Special: 7 Bodybuilding Tips by Seven Times Mr Olympia

By | July 30, 2020

Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 73 years old on July 30, 2020. Every person in this world, who follows the bodybuilding regime, knows about Arnold. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is also known as Arnie, at this age, can still give tough competition to many young men when it comes to fitness. Many renowned present-day bodybuilders and athletes had Arnold Schwarzenegger as their role model during their childhood days. Arnie is seven-time Mr Olympia, who had built up his popularity through his appearance in the documentary Pumping Iron. Arnold’s physique was well applauded in Hollywood movies like Predator and in The Terminator series. On the occasion of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 73rd birthday, LatestLY brings to you his 7 valuable bodybuilding tips which can help you build a muscular physique. Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout, Diet and Fitness: How the 7-Times Mr Olympia Keeps Fit Even in His 70s.

Seven Bodybuilding Tips by Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bodybuilding icon and there are many popular sports competitions named after him. Arnold Strongman Classic and Arnold Sports Festival are some of the events named after him. The below tips have been taken from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding where Arnold himself has shared his experience and knowledge.

1. Be sure to include compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, etc that require several muscle groups to work in coordination for good growth.

2. For size growth, Arnold used to follow pyramid training, where the reps decrease with increase in weight after each set. The bodybuilding legend believes that it is the sets performed with a heavyweight in proper form that shock the muscle and stimulate an increase in size.

3. The Terminator actor states that it is very important to keep changing your workout routine. Following the same monotonous routine will hinder progress after a period of time.

4. Arnold has clearly mentioned in his book that the body needs to be rested for recovery and growth. Overtraining should be avoided as it can lead to injury and muscle loss.

5. The seven-time Mr Olympia says that it is necessary to focus on trap development along with deltoids muscles. Arnie’s main upper-trap exercise was the shrug, though he noted that maximising the size of this muscle required a number of other movements, including cleans and upright rows.

Arnold Speaks About Mass Gain Training

6. The Predator actor says in his book that standing barbell curl, if performed with heavyweights and a full range of motion, can help build biceps into mountains.

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger has also mentioned in his book about the importance of abdominal training. He trains his abs almost every day as it is necessary to keep your core strong and have a small size waistline. Arnold used to constantly suck in his abs and hold that for as long as he could during his bodybuilding days.  He used to do that repeatedly because not only did it remind him to keep his waist as small as possible, but it’s also an excellent isometric exercise.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has definitely inspired many youths to take up bodybuilding as their profession. Arnie possesses a charismatic personality. We at LatestLY wish Arnold a very Happy Birthday.

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