Liquid protein diet deaths

By | July 8, 2020

liquid protein diet deaths

Reports of deaths occurring in patients using variants of the liquid-protein diet LPD have raised some questions about the safety of this procedure for the management of obesity. Case reports involving 44 publicized deaths were reviewed. Data in eight patients are insufficient for analysis or show that the patients were not using a LPD. Of the remaining 36 patients 32 were inappropriately managed as judged by conservative standards. Four patients who may have been properly managed all had known preexisting cardiac disease. The analysis does not identify any single factor which is responsible for the deaths. It shows that the procedure was widely misused and suggests that this contributed in multiple ways to the fatalities.

Even in the right hands, the wrong book can be dangerous. Especially a diet book that encourages fanatical extremes. For example, when The Last Chance Diet made the bestseller list in the early ‘s praising the benefits of liquid protein, at least , Americans adopted the diet. Sadly, while fad diets don’t usually jeopardize the health of their followers, more than 60 deaths occurred as a result of prolonged adherence to the liquid protein diet LPD and an “I’m-dying-to-be-thin” mind-set. Years later a newly fattened public, having forgotten or forgiven the fatalities of the LPD, watched Dolly Parton describe her diet on “Oprah. Winfrey was so impressed with Parton’s transformation, she later announced that she, too, would use an LPD until her bridal gown fit her. More than a year later, Winfrey, although hardly svelte, has shed enough bodyfat to convince TV viewers and those attending her “beautification” conventions that her LPD is both safe and effective. Nonetheless, many critics charge that Winfrey’s endorsement of the diet is a commercial example of dietary rumpwash.

Irritability and nervousness. N Engl J Med. It became a best-seller. Several victims died of derangements of heart rhythm that could not- be corrected by drugs or electric shock. Especially a diet book that encourages fanatical extremes. The FDA has decided to require label warnings against unsupervised use of the liquid and is considering a ban.

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