Man traps poo jogger behind his shop

By | June 26, 2020

A poo jogger has been caught in the act when he was captured on CCTV out the back of another man’s shop, then forced to clean up his own mess.

A video mounted on a wall outside the back of the shop shows a grey rubbish skip behind the shop and a small gap between it and a brick wall.

Posted on @witzhappening under the take “caught a belter n forced to carry it with him”, the video shows the man hide between the skip and the wall.

Then the back door of the shop swings open a man comes out, realising he has swung the door onto someone before crying out.

When he sees the man there, he yells at him and tells him to clean up his business.

The offender is forced to use his bare hands to clean up the poo and then carry it off with him across the road.

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