The Post-COVID 19 Health Consumer: Ready for DIY Health Care and More Open to Telehealth

The COVID-19 pandemic has re-shaped consumers for work, school, fitness, cooking, and certainly for health care. PwC’s Health Research Institute has combed through their consumer survey data and developed insights on health consumers, shared in a summary titled Consumer health behavior and the COVID-19 pandemic: What we’ve learned. Most U.S. consumers would be likely to… Read More »

Parents, Stop Talking About the ‘Lost Year’

The Coronavirus Outbreak Latest Updates Maps and Cases Risk Near You Who Can Get Vaccinated? Vaccine Questions Advertisement Continue reading the main story Supported by Continue reading the main story Parents, Stop Talking About the ‘Lost Year’ Teenagers and tweens will be fine, experts say — if adults model resilience. Eyan Gallegos, 11, a seventh… Read More »

Vaccine program runs into rural roadblock

Adults in rural areas are more likely to refuse the coronavirus vaccine than their urban and suburban counterparts, signaling that the federal vaccination campaign still faces a problem convincing some people to get the shots. The Kaiser Family Foundation reported that 21% of adults living in rural parts of the United States would “definitely not”… Read More »