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Edamame a Perfect Food

For many of us edamame are a little something to nibble on while we are waiting for our real food to be served. Would you be surprised if someone said to you that there is more healthy nutrition in those edamame (young soybeans) than there probably might be in the rest of your meal.  … Read More »

Supplements for cat raw food diet

I’ve also learned that you don’t need have to have an advanced degree to feed a healthy raw diet for cats. Dosage is around 1 tsp of eggshell powder per 1 pound of meat. Shipping Rates inc. Be sure to check which type you are getting. Erika Halle, DVM, agrees. Update Your Membership Info. We… Read More »

No disaccharide food diet

Including your favorite fruits in your daily diet is another way to avoid consuming disaccharides. Foods made with milk, such as whipping cream, pudding, custard and cream soups, also contain lactose. Disaccharide Content of Foods. Please bookmark our partner websites to use when any of our nutrition calculators is not available or overloaded. Every item… Read More »

Eye color change raw food diet

After a year on raw vegan diet fruits and soft leafy greens, I can say that it lightened the color of my eyes. What is more, it feels as if the irises have become more lucid, clear and acquired that spark when one looks into them. The same diet also changed the color of my… Read More »