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US surpasses 4 million reported coronavirus cases as hospitalizations near record

The country’s rising daily rate of confirmed coronavirus cases, along with a near-record number of hospitalizations, signals the US is far from containing a virus that is straining hospitals and labs, health experts say. “We’ve rolled back essentially two months’ worth of progress with what we’re seeing in number of cases … in the United… Read More »

Watch a Kickboxer Break the World Record for Most Punches in 1 Minute

Guinness World RecordsYouTube How fast can you punch? Kickboxer and martial artist Pavel Trusov, 25, of Slovakia broke the Guinness World Record for the most full extension punches in one minute. His official count was 322 punches. A full extension punch is defined as “a forceful strike with the fist where the arm is fully… Read More »