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Long covid: Why are some people sick months after catching the virus?

By Jessica Hamzelou Vanessa Branchi THE argument for naturally obtained herd immunity as a solution to the coronavirus pandemic has made a return in recent weeks. But letting the virus spread among younger people, who are less likely to die from covid-19, could lead to devastating consequences. Estimates suggest that there could already be millions… Read More »

COVID-19 virus can survive on phone screens 'for 28 days'

The virus responsible for COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, can survive on surfaces such as phone screens and bank notes for up to 28 days, research from Australia’s national science agency CSIRO has found. The Australian agency published its results in Virology Journal last week of a study it conducted into how long the virus can survive outside… Read More »

Exercise and Diet Are More Important Than Ever With Virus at Large

About Asking Never Hurts A series of columns addressing the challenges consumers face in California’s health care landscape. Send questions to bwolfson@kff.org. Use Our Content This story can be republished for free (details). If your life these days is anything like mine, a pre-pandemic routine that included regular exercise and disciplined eating has probably given way… Read More »