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Karl-Anthony Towns speaks on ‘toughest year of my life’ following mom’s death from COVID-19

Loading the player… NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns on Monday posted a video online chronicling his life in 2020, revealing how the global pandemic has impacted his life. The nearly 20-minute YouTube video, titled “The Toughest Year Of My Life,” opens with shots from the beginning of the year of the Minnesota Timberwolves center playing basketball… Read More »

First year uni student diet pubmed

Observational studies report that as students transfer from secondary school to university, there is a tendency to gain weight. We also aimed to explore weight gain in only those who gained weight and perform several subgroup analyses. Given adolescent weight gain is highly linked to overweight and obesity in adults, a better understanding of university… Read More »

20 year old man vegan diet

BMI is a measurement calculated from weight and height and is a good indicator of diet fat and chronic-disease risks. Man haven been vegan for several old and have t eaten meat since age The importance of fruit on this diet chart year very high. Is it okay if I diet now at 15? Dairy… Read More »